Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Web2Print: Empowering Organizations to Accomplish More, with Less

Contributor: Doug Stemet, Manager, Technology Sales Support, TSSGTM

Web2Print can be the answer for companies grappling with an environment that demands higher productivity, to be accomplished with fewer resources. As a result, marketers in organizations across diverse market segments are stretching their staffs and budgets to meet their business goals. Web2Print provides tools that can help Marketing departments and just about every part of a company.

For Marketing, Web2Print provides relief for recurring production needs. By creating templates for collateral and sales materials and putting them in a Web2Print solution, Marketing departments can “design once” and allow approved field staff to customize content while maintaining corporate branding standards. This frees marketers up to spend more time on strategy, messaging and pure creative, rather than recreating multitudes of pieces on-demand.

Procurement saves two-fold. The biggest savings comes from reduced obsolescence. By utilizing Web2Print, only the quantity required is actually produced. Tracking and reporting tools also enable procurement managers to analyze usage and plan the right quantities for large runs, and determine which pieces should be printed on-demand. Whether driven by time-sensitive content or overall usage trends, obsolescence is minimized with Web2Print.

Legal and Compliance departments have been hugely impacted by a changing and increasingly complex regulatory environment. Having the right documents available for field staff, containing the most up-to-date information, is critical in almost every industry. Web2Print allows for only the most current and approved material to be available in the field and printed on-demand, eliminating the risk of stockpiled, obsolete materials.

And, finally, Sales may benefit more than any other department from Web2Print. It’s pretty well established that the more relevant the content, the more effective the sale. Web2Print, with rich content customization tools, allows for field staff to make each collateral piece relevant to their immediate and specific need. Whether for a brochure for a particular client or market, or a personalized data-driven mailer, Web2Print enables content customization to increase sales effectiveness.

The impact of Web2Print is real. Used effectively, it can touch and benefit every department in an organization.

Doug Stemet
Manager, Technology
Sales Support, TSSG
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