Friday, April 29, 2011

CDS Publications Brings a Little Bit of Royalty to Consolidated Graphics

With the world captivated by the royal wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton, we’re pleased to announce that CDS Publications, a Consolidated Graphics company, was a part of it. Well, maybe not on the ground in London, but in the world of comics they were.

CDS Publications, which is located in Medford, OR, produced Bluewater Productions’ latest comic book, “Fame: The Royals.” The comic book delves into many aspects of the lives of Great Britain’s royal couple, Prince William and Kate Middleton, from their wedding planning and dress possibilities, to where they might choose to honeymoon.

“Fame: The Royals” was released to the public in April. CDS Publications also printed a limited release collector’s edition, which is a 40-page soft-cover perfect bound book. The collector’s edition will be available to the public in May.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

LDP Achieves Record-Breaking Growth

At Consolidated Graphics we understand that professional development is the key not only to our success, but also to our team members’ success as well. And that’s why our CEO, Joe Davis, created the Leadership Development Program (LDP).

In 1991, the first Leadership Development Program was founded with a handful of “Associates” participating in the program. Flash forward 19 years, and a record 100 Associates were enrolled during the 2010 summer session, with an additional 81 added to the roster the following fall. More than 450 participants have graduated from the program over the years – with 22 former Associates now serving in the capacity of President of a Consolidated Graphics company.

“The Leadership Development Program plays an integral and invaluable role at CGX,” said Rody Grant, director of Recruiting, Training, & Development at Consolidated Graphics. “We give Associates a hands-on opportunity to learn every aspect of the commercial printing process. Once they finish the Leadership Development Program, Associates are well prepared to begin a specific career track with the tools CGX has provided them.”

Once Associates enter the Program, they have the opportunity to learn from management teams across Consolidated Graphics. Each Associate rotates through all aspects of the business, from production to leadership training. Upon completion of the Program they choose a position within a CGX company that best fits their interests and skills.

We continue to recruit the best and the brightest for the LDP. We’re visiting more than 50 campuses across the country and we look forward to seeing who will join our next group of future Consolidated Graphics leaders!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Ironwood And Heritage Merge Together

Ironwood Lithographers and Heritage Graphics, two CGX companies located in the Phoenix, AZ, area, have merged into one great graphic communications company that will operate under the Ironwood Lithographers name. Together , the two profitable companies will provide an even greater range of services to their clients.

Heritage Graphics brings a successful track record and stellar reputation to the Ironwood operation, and with Ironwood’s centralized location in Tempe and the backing of Consolidated Graphics, the merger will make the company a formidable competitor in the Southwest region.

For more information, please read the press release.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Cyril-Scott Implements ReadSmart Technology

When mail arrives, most consumers go through a quick process of dividing the contents into two piles: one to read, and one to recycle. Cyril-Scott, a Consolidated Graphics company based in Lancaster, Ohio, is working hard to make sure that more mail falls into that “read” pile, but now they’re taking it one step further, helping their customers’ audiences actually respond to what they receive and read. How are they doing it? With ReadSmart technology.

ReadSmart is a software tool based on scientific research that improves typesetting by subtly emphasizing words and phrases for the reader’s eye, creating a greater impact during reading. These subtle changes range from the spacing of letters and words to lines break within text. While these might be small changes that go unnoticed to the typical reader, by serving to energizing copy they make a large impact with respect to reader comprehension.

Cyril-Scott began offering ReadSmart to its customers this past October. The technology has allowed their clients, whether it’s through a direct mail campaign or other print materials that require a response from consumers, to receive increased feedback and retention. 

“At Cyril-Scott we’re always looking to new innovations and breakthroughs that will improve the product for our clients,” said Matt Coltharp, president of Cyril-Scott. “ReadSmart underscore our commitment in using the most effective technology to improve results, and serves as a great value-add for our clients and their campaigns.”

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Consolidated Graphics Leads the Industry in Financial Strength

In our most recent earnings release on February 2, 2011 Consolidated Graphics once again demonstrated industry leadership in terms of innovation and financial strength. We met with Jon Biro, chief financial officer of Consolidated Graphics, to talk about what this means to our customers and investors.

Consolidated Graphics will continue to invest in new technology. “Technology is advancing faster than ever before, and has become an integral component to creating more relevant print collateral. From data security to a world-leading digital infrastructure, Consolidated Graphics will continue to expand the breadth and quality of its service offerings. We’ve invested over $100 million into technology over the last four years, including building the world’s largest digital print platform. We’re seeing a huge benefit from this investment in terms of digital sales growth, and have the financial wherewithal to maintain this leadership position as technology evolves.”

We have staying power. “At a time when many smaller print companies are struggling financially, CGX has shown that we’re here to stay. Both customers and investors can take comfort in the fact that we are continuing to grow, both organically and through acquisitions.”

We are positioned to grow. “CGX maintains solid relationships with our bank group, and has immediate access to capital. When a business acquisition opportunity presents itself, as it often does, we’re positioned to act quickly and pay cash to acquire a company that has proven to be a strategic fit.”

Biro believes that Consolidated Graphics is making investments in the right technologies, at the right time. “We saw 24% growth in digital printing, greater access to national clients with higher transaction volumes, and solid same-store sales growth in fiscal year 2011. We have dramatically less debt than we did three years ago, and we maintain our commitment to bringing the most effective and highest value print solutions to our customers.”

Monday, April 4, 2011

GraphTec Receives the Prestigious Best In Show Award from PGAMA

Pictured from left to right: GraphTec team members Rob Dauses, Russ Hewitt, Rich Day

We’re pleased to announce that GraphTec, a Consolidated Graphics company located in Jessup, MD, has received the Best In Show Award in the 7th Annual PGAMA Excellence In Print Awards Competition. This is the second consecutive year GraphTec has been recognized with this honor!

The award was presented to Russ Hewitt, president of Graphtec, at PGAMA’s Excellence in Print Awards Gala on March 22, at Martin's West in Baltimore, MD. In addition, the GraphTec team was also awarded six Best of Category Awards for Packaging & Point of Purchase Material, Sales Campaigns, Catalogs, Books (Digital), Announcements & Invitations (Digital), and also won in the Impossible Job category.  The company received 10 additional Awards of Merit.

Everyone at Consolidated Graphics would like to extend our congratulations to the GraphTec team!