Monday, July 22, 2013

For Creative Mailing Programs, Go “Flat” (as in, "Automated Flat")

Contributor: Michelle Yun, President, Tucker Printers

I hear it frequently from clients, as we discuss their product sampling and creative mailing program needs: “We’d really like to be putting ‘this’ [their new product] directly into our prospects’ hands, but postage is just too expensive…”

It’s true that postage expense has gone nowhere but up in recent years, a trend that will surely continue. However, whenever I’m faced with this complaint from a client or interested prospect, I’ve got a sure and easy answer for them: “Go flat,” as in automated flat.
Part package and part envelope, the Flex Mailer® features a unique design that enables items as small as a thumb drive and as large as a t-shirt to be mailed as an “automated flat” at the far more advantageous rate. It features a highly flexible outer “skin” coupled with a unique inner tray design. The outer skin is tight enough to allow flexibility on both vertical and horizontal axes, while maintaining sufficient surface tension variations less than ¼ of an inch. Postage savings of up t o $1.00 per piece are typical.

Depending on the mailing, however, savings can be even more dramatic. Consider this example:

Our client, an agricultural and marketing company based in the Midwest, was planning a mailing to promote a new product. The mailing included printed materials to be sent directly to 18,000 recipients in a unique, three dimensional carton or package.

However, the cost to deliver such a package as a parcel or via the large shipping companies was about $6 to $7 per unit. Ouch! We recommended the Flex Mailer, which could also be customized inside and out with the desired branding. The cost to deliver the material at automated flat rates via Flex Mailer was $1.32 per unit – a savings of $90,000!

As shown in this example, there’s no need to curtail direct physical connections with prospects by mail, to effectively demonstrate new products and capabilities…and increase sales. All you need to do is go flat, with the Flex Mailer.

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