Thursday, September 19, 2013

Use POP Displays To Drive Sales

Even in the age of social media and the increasing embrace of mobile marketing techniques by retailers and consumers alike, store aisles and check-out counters remain a powerful location for displaying products and brand messaging in-store – and consumers respond to them with their wallets.

A LAMà opens in as little as 3 second,
with a 97% successful deployment rate.
Recent studies show that 74% of shoppers purchase an impulse item – and about 70% of brand purchase decisions are made in-store.  According to POPAI (Point of Purchase Advertising International), one in six in-store purchase decisions are made when brand displays are present, and 66% of products “grabbed” from in-store displays are purchased.  Yet not every display results in sales; to be successful, POP displays must successfully serve as a “conduit” to bring shoppers to the retail shelf.

A key consideration for product manufacturers and retailers alike is the in-store deployment rate of a POP display.  Some larger displays are designed with a high degree of complexity, which can lead to low rates of successful deployment in the store, as low as 45%.  A new generation of instant pop-up displays simplify the set-up process, resulting in deployment rates as high as 95%.

Case in point is the LAMà -- an instant display made of paperboard that is foldable, and which opens automatically into position in as little as three seconds.  And because it also folds down just as easily, the LAMà saves marketers up to two-thirds in their POP shipping expense. Retailers like such displays because virtually any employee can set it up successfully, and they are highly flexible – from counter-top models to floor displays that accommodate hundred of pounds of product samples.

Despite the growing influence of mobile marketing and on-line price comparison, consumers remain engaged with the physicality of the in-store shopping experience.  A smartly designed LAMà  or POP display, which is positioned correctly in the store and features a high deployment rate, can result in a 12% lift in sales and increased brand awareness.

Wetzel Brothers, a Consolidated Graphics company in Cudahy, WI, is the largest manufacturer of the LAMà in the United States. For more information about POP solutions including the LAMà, contact Randy Hoffmann at Wetzel Brothers,