Thursday, February 24, 2011

CDS Goes to Sundance

The Sundance Festival is the center of the film industry every year, and this year CDS Publications, one of Consolidated Graphics' digital printing hubs, was selected as the festival's official printer.

As the vendor of choice, CDS processed 465 files for a total of 689 high quality products, meeting strict deadlines and order specifications. All of the files were received, color-managed, printed, finished, kitted and shipped during a six-week window, with over 200 files being completed in under a week. Deliverables ranged from outdoor banners to fabric wall graphics.

"We did a walk-through and were thrilled with both the quality and color of everything, and I'm getting glowing reviews from the installers about how organized everything is," said one Sundance staff member. 

What great work by the CDS team! With the eyes of the film world on Sundance, CDS made sure they saw the very best. It’s no surprise that CDS will be supporting the 2012 Sundance Festival for their grand format print and service needs.

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  1. Nothing adds personal flair like some outdoor banners. Thank you so much for sharing. Great photos!