Friday, August 7, 2009

CGX Annual Shareholders Meeting

Last night was the Consolidated Graphics (CGX) Annual Shareholders' meeting. In typical CGX style, it was an event filled with value and highlighted the relationships that the company is known so well for. Though it was my first shareholders' meeting, I can assure you that it won't be my last.

Over 300 guests filled a ballroom at the Hilton Americas in downtown Houston. CEO Joe Davis kicked off the evening by highlighting the people who directly contribute to the success of this printing magnate, including recipients of the highly coveted Chairman's Award, bankers, legal counsel and employees from across the nation. Particularly impressive were the swarms of associates present as part of the Leadership Development Program that Mr. Davis is personally involved in. This was proof that while other companies are making layoffs, CGX continues to invest in the people that will build the future of printing.

Somehow, despite the fact that CGX reported its first quarterly loss ever just two days before, there was a positive air about the room. Every employee I spoke with seemed personally invested in the success of the company, which is not something you can manufacture.

Aaron Grohs, EVP of Sales and Marketing, highlighted the company's national footprint, claiming that this is a feat that is almost impossible for competitors to replicate. As a result, the company can deliver print products faster and more efficiently than anyone else in the market. Coupled with CGX's strong digital platform, it becomes quickly apparent that this is one printer who is positioned to grow no matter what state the economy is in.

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  1. I would also like to thank all of those people involved in destroying my familys way of life with my more than 25% pay and benifit cut along with all of my friends and their families who are now suffering since being permentaly layed off- but hay at least the people in charge can make there familys lives as great as I once could.... o and a special thank you to mr joe davis to whom I am just a one of the thousands of people that must struggle to feed my children so u can pay your monthly electric bill in just one of your lovely houses- maybe my local church will spot me last months house payment so I don't get forclosed on since we all have a standard of living that has been taken away from us-o and again mr davis y could actually, maybe even pretend to care when u do a shop tour and at least respond to workers when they introduce themselves to u{ass} and to all of those people to whome have stock in this company I would like to thank you I hope you can close tomorrow with a green number and make some money at the expence of the 300 people with familys out there that ccame to work today and lost there jobs { but hay, you are in the green right}